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The Importance of Website Design 


According to the latest statistics, approximately 50% of online businesses fail within the first year of launching. Unfortunately, even more follow over the next several years. As incredible as online opportunities are, there is a surmountable amount of failed attempts at success. Failure is the result of several factors such as inadequate content, improper marketing strategies, and targeting the wrong market niche but overall, one of the primary reasons that so many new online businesses never achieve the ultimate goal of success is due to poor website design.


Why does this happen?


Often, the problem is “too little” or “too much”, but online businesses can also experience serious challenges because of difficult navigation or slow-loading pages. We want to point out that exceptional web design consists of many things. For instance, the design of the site must be appealing. Search Engine Optimization is a critical part of helping people find online businesses but after clicking through, the actual design of the website must draw a person in.


How do we get you results?


It is important that a website is designed according to the product and/or service being sold. As an example, if a site were being launched for a trendy clothing store, vibrant colors or a modern theme would be ideal, whereas a site for a law firm would need to be more subdued with an air of professionalism. Regardless, the goal of web design is for it to immediately capture but also maintain a person’s interest, which is accomplished by following a few simple rules. Such rules include, but are not limited to, appropriate colors/themes, easy navigation, adequate level of functionality, quick and seamless loading pages, original, informative, and reader-friendly content, and contact information for customer support

We have over 14 years of experience developing and designing websites that get you results. We work with your company to identify what your needs are and develop a plan and website that will exceed your requirements and expectations. Our team of designers have a 97% accuracy rate when developing new concepts and designs for websites and have been working for industry leaders who only expect the best.

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